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the startup initiative of the
German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce

About piosphere

Startup Ecosystem 

Chamber of Commerce


...connect Spanish startups with German and investors

...are connected to the Spanish startup scene and German Corporate and Venture Capital investors

...help you access new markets and find business opportunities

Services for German Investors

 We scan and identify Spanish startups you are looking for and connect you to them

     Through the worldwide network of the German Chambers of Commerce we provide access to Startups from all over the world


Why search for Spanish Startups?

More than 5,000
Spanish startups

Highly skilled engineers and information scientists

Gateway into the Latin American market (600M people)

Services for Spanish Startups


...prepare you for and support you to find German investors

...accompany you to German industry or startup events, fairs, congresses etc.

...provide a soft-landing package for internationalization in Germany

Become a member and benefit from our services!

Why search for German investors?


Private Equity companies

€760M of German investments in foreign companies (2016)

Numerous multinational Corporate VC companies

Services for German Startups


...provide a soft-landing package for internationalization in Spain

...accompany you to Spanish industry or startup events, fairs, congresses etc.




4-6/10/2017: piosphere @ South Summit in Madrid

18-20/10/2017: piosphere @ Start.up! Germany Tour & Ruhr Summit in Dortmund

November 2017: piosphere @ demonight by Baystartup in Munich


21-23/02/2017: piosphere @ MUST - The Munich Summit in Munich

27/02/2017: piosphere @ 4YFN in Barcelona

22-25/05/2017: piosphere @ Digital Enterprise Show in Barcelona

06/06/2017: piosphere award - piosphere award: pitching from the finalists @ AHK Madrid

14-15/06/2017: piosphere @ Sharing Madrid in Madrid



piosphere Team

Marcelo Scocco | Business Development

+34 91 353 0917   

Tobias Leue | Project Management

  +34 91 353 1272




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